Author: Tomas Balog

  • Our resilience in transformations

    Our resilience in transformations

    Hello Space! In previous blogs we’ve discussed our journey, our steep start and we gave you a brief description of the space debris problematics. As many starting companies we…

  • The problematics is piling up

    The problematics is piling up

    Hello Space! During our journey we had to learn quite a lot about the problematics of the Space debris. Even though we wanted to start with recycling, the journey…

  • Steep start

    Steep start

    Hello Space! In this little story we would like to show you in more detail how our first year of existence passed through. The brief cut-through of our journey…

  • How it all started

    How it all started

    Hello Space!  As a people we tend to look up to the start and idealize how vast and empty it is in the universe. We see stars shining, moon…

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