Our Mission

“Keep future space exploration possible, help making it safer and environmentally responsible.”

Space debris is an issue of global concern that threatens our continued use of near-Earth space for the benefit of humankind.

Our goal is o provide a technology for capturing and controlled de-orbiting of debris to what we call a “Junkyard orbit”. This is, for the moment, to reduce the risk of collision with an active satellite. In the future however, the plan is for this orbit to be managed and debris should be either refurbished or recycled for secondary use.


debris risKs

In general, missions using single purpose large spacecraft for any servicing or active debris removal at orbit are mostly tailored for a specific debris while launched as primary payloads and thus are very expensive. High costs are related to both, development of such a tool and its launch. However, for the upcoming age of mega-constellations of satellites, it will be naturally harder with time to satisfy the demand of customers, particularly at various orbits, thus specialization should be a natural step forward as in any other industrial sector.


We are a Slovakia based startup founded by 3 researchers who are exploring a new way of debris manipulation at orbit. Our concept should allow to handle even large objects with bigger mass, yet have the ability to be launched by lighter launching systems or as secondary payloads. Once in place, any multipurpose vehicle can be focused on its highest added value – servicing instead of catching and removal.